Do you know your ABCs? A - Admit that you are a sinner. B - Believe that Jesus is God's son and that He died on the cross for your sins. C - Confess your Faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight…”  (II Corinthians 5:7)

Stepping out in faith is difficult.  Many times, the fear of the unknown prevents us from tackling the things that God means for us…with His divine guidance…to conquer.  Here’s the catch, though.  If we never take our Heavenly Father for His promises, we will never reap the benefits of being a child of  the King of Kings.

Express your faith!  Live a life that is pleasing to God…the life that He intends for you…and in doing so, you will see that with a little faith, your fears just might fade to the point of disappearing!

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