Do you know your ABCs? A - Admit that you are a sinner. B - Believe that Jesus is God's son and that He died on the cross for your sins. C - Confess your Faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord!

“…but by love serve one another.”  (Galations 5:13)

Needs will always abound.  God assures us of this in His Word.  How wonderful it is, then, to have the knowledge that we have a heavenly Father who watches over us…who keeps us in His care!  Isn’t it our duty as children of the Almighty to share in the service of others?  Take a look around!  People are hurting.  Many have needs that seem insurmountable.  What can you do to lighten the load?  Most importantly, how can you show them a servant’s heart…a heart like that of our wonderful Lord and Savior?

Something for all of us to consider…

Have a faith-fashioned day!

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