Do you know your ABCs? A - Admit that you are a sinner. B - Believe that Jesus is God's son and that He died on the cross for your sins. C - Confess your Faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord!

So here’s my advice…” 

How many times have you heard those words?  Most of us aren’t lacking when it comes to friends or family members who are willing to give us an opinion (solicited or otherwise) about some aspect of our lives.  Unfortunately, those “words of wisdom” are frequently more destructive than whatever situation or crisis we are facing.

The Bible tells us:  “The thoughts of the righteous are right; but the counsels of the wicked are deceit.”          (Proverbs 12:5, KJV)

My point?  Be picky…spiritually discerning…when seeking advice.  While friends, family, or even self-help guides may proclaim to “know best” for you, their solutions may only be worldly solutions…quick fixes.  Don’t let yourself be influenced by advice that may not be grounded in scripture.  Seek God’s Word for advice…it will never let you down.  Let the Holy Spirit be your guide!

And how do you deal with the rest?  While an assertive ”Talk to the hand!” might be your first response, an acquiescent “Thank you for caring, but I’m working things out with God” will probably be received with more enthusiasm.  And if that doesn’t work?  Well, I’ve always found the hands-over-the-ears, “La-La-La” thing to do the trick!  Very mature, right?

Oh, well…so much for advice!

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